At St Gabriel Catholic Primary School Bexley, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Ms Catherine Hodgins
Assistant Principal Mrs Joanne Harband
Religious Coordinator Mrs Mary Donohoe
Parish Priest Father Yacub Barcat
EAL/D Teacher Ms Samantha Butcher
Creative Arts Teacher Mrs Elizabeth Mayoh
Support Classroom Teacher Mrs Elizabeth Graham
Diverse Learning Teacher Mrs Lisa Bray
Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs Mary Donohoe
PDHPE Teacher Mrs Grace Grosset
Librarian Mrs Diana Gamra
Family Educator Mrs Monique Cohen
Learning Support Officer Mrs Giovanna Pinto-Hayes
Senior School Support Officer Mrs Vera Koulizakis
Year 6 Mrs Frances Belsito
Year 5 Ms Noreen Sayers
Year 4 Miss Sarah Thomas
Mr Benjamin Noyes
Year 3 Miss Amelia McGuinn
Year 2 Mrs Tiana Franzone
Year 1 Mrs Allison Flood
Mrs Kerri Sharratt
Kindergarten Mrs Joanne Harband
Mrs Giulia Futia